July 31st Deadline – Self Assessment Payments

There’s just over one month remaining before the deadline for making the 2nd payment on account for the 15/16 self assessment tax year.

HMRC is currently issuing letters detailing the payment required, however if you are not sure of your personal situation here are a few things you can do:

  • Check your email from us regarding your self assessment calculation for 14/15.  The subject is “Draft tax return for review”.
  • Review your correspondence from HMRC regarding your self assessment tax statement.
  • Sign up for HMRC online.  A great way to track your personal tax liabilities.
  • Contact support @ tempo if you require us to review your position.

Generally speaking you would only have a payment on account to make if you had a self assessment tax bill of over £1,000 for the 14/15 tax year.